Dead Reckoning: Starting a Craft Distillery

dead reckoning
Dead Reckoning: Defined as a record of the ships current position from the course previously set using estimated velocity and drift records… or in other words a calculated prediction of where a ship is at any given time based on it’s history.

That is exactly what we are doing here at Old Harbor Distilling Company‘s blog. We know where we are going and we know how to get there, but there are going to be various headwinds, currents and drifts that come along that will require a re-adjustment of our dead reckoning. This blog is going to be a record of the changes we make along the way and the growth that takes place because of it. From applying for our federal distilled spirit producer license to dealing with local government bureaucracy. We will also be educating you on the ins-and-outs of spirit production. How to make gin, rum, whiskey, apple jack, eau de vie, and many more!

Below is a picture of our warehouse before construction started, even as I write this post a lot has changed, but bigger changes are coming and we want you to be a part of it from wherever you are. Hopefully it will be as fun and educational for you as it is for us.

Warehouse BW

So step aboard as we begin this long and harrowing journey to turn this warehouse into the first distillery in East Village, San Diego.

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  1. Cody Reply

    Makes me proud to be a San Diegan.

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